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Wa-ter Mon-key: one who lives an active lifestyle in and around the water; may be male, female, young, or not so young; not defined by the style with which he/she rides, but by the passion he/she has for living a water life.

Meet the original Water Money!

About the Water Monkey

Water Monkey is the original stand up paddle board lesson and rental company in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area. Since 2009, Water Monkey has helped thousands of people get into the sport of stand up paddle boarding. We pride ourselves on safety and professionalism.

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Stand up paddle rental delivery for St. Pete Beach Areas

March 30, 2017 | Chase Kosterlitz

Water Monkey Stand Up Paddle Boarding specializes in stand up paddle (SUP) rentals, lessons, and tours for the St. Pete Beach, downtown St. Pete and Ft. Desoto areas. One of our most popular offerings is our stand up paddle board rental service. If you are looking to rent as stand up paddle board and have it delivered to an address in the St. Pete Beach area, then look no further! View Full Post

Stand up paddle board rentals in St. Pete Beach

March 18, 2017 | Chase Kosterlitz

There is no better time to get out for a stand up paddle board rental in the St. Pete Beach area than now! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner for St. Pete.  View Full Post

St. Pete Beach SUP Tours

March 03, 2017 | Chase Kosterlitz

Spring is in the air as winter loosens it's grip on the Sunshine State. While summer get's all of the love as the time to go stand up paddling, spring time is actually our favorite. The weather is warm but not the sweltering heat of August. We usually see a bit more wildlife while stand up paddling in the St. Pete Beach area.  View Full Post