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Lake Tahoe and the Columbia River Gorge

Friday, August 26, 2011 | Chase Kosterlitz

After 3 weeks on the road I have been to two of the most amazing SUP destinations imaginable. One is an alpine lake with crystal clear water surrounded by snow-topped mountains. The other is a rugged outdoor paradise with one of the most epic downwind setups in the world. If you are a stand up paddler, or only someone who enjoys a pretty view, you must visit Lake Tahoe and the Columbia River Gorge.  View Full Post

Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 | Chase Kosterlitz

The start of my 3-week west coast trip has been amazing. The drive from Newport Beach to Lake Tahoe was beautiful. We cruised from the Pacific Ocean, through the Mojave Desert and into the Sierra Nevada mountains. After each hour of driving the scenery changed dramatically. This area is certainly not the flat terrain I am used to in Florida. We stopped about halfway for a nice paddle on Lake Crowley. It was hard to believe that this past winter they received close to 55 ft. of snow! Around 10 PM we arrived in Lake Tahoe. The temperature was a brisk 37 degrees but a nice change from the hot and sticky summer nights in Florida. View Full Post

Quick Blade SUP Camp

Friday, August 12, 2011 | Chase Kosterlitz

I arrived to LA last Sunday morning for the start of my 3-week west coast stand up paddle extravaganza. At the airport I met Canadian paddler, Larry Cain. Larry is a paddler who has almost 7 times more paddling experience than me. Larry is a great source of knowledge and a scary fast paddler.  Larry and owner of Quick Blade Paddles, Jim Terrell, have been friends through their Olympic careers as C-1 paddlers.  Both have a ton of knowledge in paddling that I was eager to soak up. I knew I was in store for a great week to be able to hang out and train with two lifetime paddlers and all around great guys. View Full Post

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